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Because you're now accessing the Conversation Fire Method & Membership today, I'd like to give you the opportunity and choice to upgrade to the Full Multimedia version.


* Conversation Fire System & Membership In Multimedia With EXTRA Audio Of Exclusive Benefits

This upgraded multimedia program highly valued at $120.00 includes everything that the basic system & method offers plus these EXTRAS on top of the bonuses:


Extra in-depth audio about EXACT techniques to maximize your internal confidence as you'll begin to do this automatically when the time occurs.

Extra audio on becoming popular inside any social circle. This track tells you a step-by-step guidance towards social mastery. You'll naturally want to do this eventually.

Extra audio on conquering any insecurity geared towards MEN and why this concept is different for each gender.

Extra audio on conquering any insecurity geared towards WOMEN and why this concept is different for each gender.


This upgraded Conversation Fire Multimedia Program was made originally because many of our members demanded many topics & techniques be exposed in full nit-grit multimedia and audio additions...

Here's that EXTRA edge they wanted to ensure they reach their goals for good. Take advantage of it today.

... also, some people just learn faster with more video & audio ...


Upgraded Multimedia Offer: Only $12 Extra

Click Here To Upgrade To The Multimedia Conversation Fire Supreme & Membership w/ Bonuses For Only $12.00 More If You Act Now >> 


Click Here If You Only Want The Basic Conversation Fire Membership w/ Bonuses BUT WITHOUT the $120 Worth Of Supreme Multimedia Bonuses Mentioned Above 

It's your choice.


"Multimedia Pack was really worth it... "

Glad to share my thoughts. I thought i didn't need it at first, but looking back it's an even better deal.... Despite how awesome the regular system and method already are

Chris P.  ( actual testimonial portion )





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